And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS #10

Image © DC Comics.

A new kind of power ring has been created by a rogue Guardian, and there’s only one of them. It can be used by anyone, no restrictions, and contains the powers of all the lantern colors. Earth’s GLs, Jessica and Simon, have the ring and it’s creator under their roof, nervously waiting for evil to pounce, and pounce it does, in the form of Volthoom, the first Lantern and his human protege, Frank, who desperately wants to wear a power ring. He has no qualms about what he might need to do to get it.

I’m enjoying this storyline, and particularly the banter and elements of humor in Sam Humphries’ script, leavening the action and scary bits nicely. The art by Eduardo Pansica and Julio Ferreira is also excellent.


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