And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS #13

Image © DC Comics.

I admire the range and depth of Green Lantern lore that writer Sam Humphries is playing with in this series and storyline. We have a flashback to Volthoom, the First Lantern, which includes Rami, the maker of the first GL power  rings, and both confronting each other in the present, where Rami’s last creation, the Phantom Power Ring, is in the hands of a human who can’t control it and creating all kinds of havoc. Then we have Simon and Jessica, Earth’s current GLs in residence, fighting Frank Laminski, the wielder of that Phantom Ring, and having no easy time of it as the ring’s power keeps shifting from one color and type of emotion to another, with shifts in powers that entails.. Humphries is using all the toys, and handling them well here, with fine art by Ronan Cliquet. Yes, much of the issue is fighting and arguing, but it’s compelling all the same. Well done.


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