Image © DC Comics, and what great coloring by Jason Wright!

The fifth part of the Phantom Lantern story has Simon and Jessica confronting him in a park dedicated to heroes. The Phantom Ring is out of control, and Frank, the man wearing it, is being buffeted by the competing powers and colors it contains. That briefly becomes a good thing when the Indigo power of compassion surfaces. When some other Green Lanterns show up in response to Simon’s distress call, they turn out to be more belligerent than helpful. Meanwhile, Rami, the renegade Guardian is battling Volthoom, the First Lantern elsewhere. Volthoom is more ghost than anything at this point, but one with lots of power. The outcome is far from certain. Well written by Sam Humphries, well drawn by Eduardo Pansica and Ronan Cliquet with Julio Ferreira and Cliquet inks.


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