And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS #15

Image © DC Comics.

I’m only trying to keep up with a few regular DC comics these days, but even so, the twice monthly shedules of some, like this title, have me way behind. About five months behind on this one, I think, but I wanted to be sure not to miss reviewing it.

The issue focuses on Jessica Cruz, one of the two newer Green Lanterns featured in the series, and specifically, her struggle with anxiety attacks. From the outside, Jessica seems to have it all: intelligence, strength, looks, a Green Lantern power ring and the will to use it. On the inside, just getting up in the morning is a massive struggle. How Green Lantern comics have changed since I started reading them in the 1960s, when such a story line was inconceivable. Jessica’s partner, Simon Baz, is trying his best to understand Jessica’s condition, and having a hard time with it. She manages to hide her true mental state often, as in the mission with the Justice League shown on the cover, where she manages to out-power Superman briefly, but the real battle is one only she can face, and she faces it every day.

Wonderful story written by Sam Humphries, art by Tom Derenick, Miguel Mendonca and Scott Hanna. Even if you’re tired of super-heroes, you might want to read this one.

Highly recommended.


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