And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS 16

Image © DC Comics.

One thing I enjoy in comics I read is balance. A balance of serious and humorous, plot and character moments, action and ideas. Gaining balance is difficult, and not often achieved, but writer Sam Humphries gets it right in this one for me.

Simon and Jessica, Earth’s newest GLs are on assignment with Batman in Gotham City for this storyline, to combat a new threat. Ordinary people are becoming obsessed with the idea of killing Batman. Simon Baz thinks The Scarecrow is a likely culprit, but Batman thinks it’s Yellow Lanterns. Guess which of them is right? As Jessica Cruz puts it, “He’s the detective.”

The interactions between these three characters as well as Batman supporting cast members Commissioner Gordon and Alfred, is handled brilliantly. I loved the insights, the humor, and even the clever plot moving the story forward. This is great comics. The art by Neil Edwards, Lay Leisten and Keith Champagne is excellent, too, as is the color by Blond and the lettering by Travis Lanham. Well done, all. Looking forward to more.


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