And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS #19

Image © DC Entertainment.

It seems Jessica and Simon, Earth’s young Green Lanterns, are suddenly in demand, first by Batman, now by the Justice League, in particular to deal with an old Green Lantern foe, Doctor Polaris. Before they can get started, Simon and his brother have an argument that opens old wounds, while Jessica can only sympathize. Despite their powers, Simon and Jessica have not yet figured out problems in their personal lives.

Doctor Polaris actually opens the issue, as we find out his current situation. His brother has brain cancer, and Polaris thinks he can cure him, if he only has time. Trouble is, he’s out of meds for his bi-polar disorder (appropriately enough), and can feel the evil side of his personality emerging. When the US Government tries to take him in, things don’t go well. Will Simon and Jessica do any better?

Well written by Sam Humphries, fine art by Ronan Cliquet. Recommended.

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