And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS #25

Image © DC Entertainment. Written by Sam Humphries, art by Robson Rocha and Daniel Henriques, colors by Alex Sollazzo, letters by Dave Sharpe.

Simon and Jessica are on a mission from GL Headquarters, escorting the renegade Guardian Rami to a previously unknown Guardian hiding place, the Vault of Shadows, a repository for things they wanted kept secret but not destroyed. Unknown to the novice pair, Rami’s mind is in the control of Volthoom, the first Lantern, thought long dead billions of years ago. He is after the second generation power rings kept here, as well as something hidden in another unexpected place. As Jessica and Simon wait for Rami to find what he came for, they reminisce about Earth, on their first extended visit to space (or almost anywhere for Jessica). We also see more about the recipients of the seven early power rings, worn by the first Corps. And, back on Earth, Simon’s best friend is waiting to see if he will show up for his birthday, as promised.

I’m enjoying this story a lot, the mix of Corps lore and current conniving is a good one, and the new GLs in space is a fun side topic. The coloring on this issue by Daniel Henriques is magnificent, and deserves special applause. It appears to be painted color, what would have been done on bluelines in the old days, and the watercolor-like textures and details add a lot to the story.


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