And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS #4

Image © DC Comics.

This issue is a pleasant surprise. Amid the carnage and confusion of a Red Lantern attack, rookie Green Lanterns Simon and Jessica spend most of this issue working on their personal issues, sharing their doubts and fears, and forging the beginnings of a real partnership. Character development is always more interesting to me than fighting, and there’s plenty of it here. Simon’s ring is almost depleted, but he can’t recharge it unless Jessica agrees, as they share a single power source. Jessica is, at first, overtaken by Red Lantern-infused rage, and then wants to quit the Corps altogether. Simon has to get real with her to make things work. Nicely done by writer Sam Humphries. The art on this issue is fine despite the tag-team collaborations of three pencilers and five inkers, a sign of desperate lateness. Worked okay here.


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