And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS #47

Image © DC Entertainment. Written by Tim Seeley, art by V Ken Marion & Sandu Florea, colors by Dinei Ribeiro, letters by Dave Sharpe. Alternate cover above by Brandon Peterson.

I feel like I’m missing some of the story here, probably because I came in late. The Justice League don’t seem to have a lot to do except get captured and rescued. I do like the role for John Constantine as magic consultant. The main story is what’s happening to Jessica on a world inside the villainess Singularity Jain. There she’s trying to deal with the loss of some old friends, while being helped by Simon, though he does not have his power ring. This kept my interest despite art that doesn’t completely work for me. I must add the cover above is excellent, though it’s not by the interior artist. Not a bad read, but I can only mildly recommend it.

One thought on “And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS #47

  1. Steven Grant

    They’re doing that “captured & rescued” thing with the JLA in a lot of books lately… Green Lanterns, Super Sons, Wonder Woman, probably more… I guess it’s to emphasize how powerful the threat is, & how cool the solo hero is in overcoming it, but the gimmick’s already worn out, & makes the JLA look like a bunch of scrubs…

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