And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS #50

Image © DC Entertainment. Written by Dan Jurgens, art by Mike Perkins, colors by Andy Troy and Pete Pantazis, letters by Dave Sharpe.

A new creative team and a new storyline begin in this issue. I know and like the work of Dan Jurgens, so I was happy to see him on board. I like the art of Mike Perkins, though I don’t know that I’ve seen much of his pencilling. My only caveat is that it’s sometimes hard to recognize the characters in Mike’s looser style than previous artists on this book.

A new unknown threat is loose in the universe, a threat to both Green Lanterns and to the Guardians of the Universe. John Stewart is the first to encounter them, and most frightening of all, discovers that his power ring is no longer a reliable partner! (Great idea.) Back on Earth we see Jessica and Simon at a dance club, but they are soon whooshed away on a training mission by Kyle Rayner. As John Stewart battles for his life, the Guardians can’t even contact him. On Oa, a powerful storm is raging across Mogo, who seems unable to stop it, though we don’t hear anything from Mogo himself. Amid the damage it causes is an unusual casualty.

Well done, sticking around for more, recommended.

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