And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS #52

Image © DC Comics. Written by Dan Jurgens, art by Marco Santucci, colors by Hi-Fi, letters by Dave Sharpe.

As the third part of “Evil’s Might” opens, we see the menacing smile and read the sinister words of the most dangerous threat facing the Corps, and it’s coming from within Simon Baz’s power ring. Meanwhile, all the key GLs are battling an armada of Ravagers led by an unknown energy being calling itself The One. Even Hal Jordan joins the fray, but the Ravagers seem to be winning. Back on Oa, things are going from bad to worse. Communications are down among all the Corps and Guardians, Mogo’s weather is out of control and the planet is not communicating either. The Guardians seem at a loss. And that inside menace is working stealthily, craftily, to turn Corps members and friends on each other. Excellent writing by Dan Jurgens, and the art, colors and lettering all rise to the challenge. I’m thoroughly enjoying this storyline!


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