And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERNS #53

Image © DC Comics. Written by Dan Jurgens, art by Marco Santucci, colors by Hi-Fi, letters by Dave Sharpe.

While most of the top Green Lanterns are fighting the Ravagers and Eon on distant water-world Penelo, Simon Baz has been directed to Earth on a mission his ring insists is vital to the larger battle. But can the ring be trusted? As we’ve seen in recent issues, perhaps not. Above Penelo, Kyle Rayner comes up with the best idea in their fight, to target communications, while Guy Gardner takes on Eon. When Simon gets to Earth and to the place directed, he finds himself doing a very unexpected bit of breaking and entering, and confronting an unlikely crossover character.

I am thoroughly enjoying Dan Jurgens’ writing on this book, and the art, colors and letters are excellent as well. Nothing ground-breaking, but fine entertainment.


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