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Writer Sam Humphries begins a new arc this time in an excellent way, by focusing on the life story of a previously unseen character, Frank Laminski. Frank’s early ambition was to be a pilot, and when given the chance to test-pilot a new jet, he hoped it would make his career. Instead, his flight was a disaster, and his life was only saved by the intervention of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Frank was so impressed by Hal that he turned to a new ambition: to become a Green Lantern himself. This issue focuses on Frank’s efforts to become noticed and chosen as one of Earth’s Green Lanterns, which was not an easy endeavor. He did get noticed eventually, though, and it seems his ambition might be achieved after all. Excellent writing and outside-the-box storyline here, and I was also very impressed with the art by penciller Robson Rocha and inker Jay Leisten. They manage to capture a wide variety of body types and expressions well, and the page layouts and storytelling are great, making this issue fun to look at. Well done, all!


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