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Masterful writing is evident in this, the best of the Rebirth titles I’ve read so far. It opens with narration filling in the Green Lantern story, but with a point of view that suggests the narrator is a threat who wants to do them great harm. A new sort of power ring is teased as well. Both points are excellent ways to create interest and tension. We then spend time with Simon Baz, the fairly new Earth Green Lantern, and Jessica Cruz, the even newer Green Lantern seen mostly in JUSTICE LEAGUE I think. Writers Geoff johns and Sam Humphries are playing with the idea of why there are so many Earth Green Lanterns, which I’m sure many readers have wondered, and that’s another thing I liked. Simon and Jessica are both called into action together, meeting for the first time it seems, and not hitting it off well. Then another important figure shows up to tell them more about what’s really going on. Finally, the narrator from the opening pages is revealed, setting up the beginning of the new series. I’m a long-time GL fan and reader, and I know the back story pretty well, but I think this issue does a fine job of setting up a relaunch while telling a good new story that’s accessible to new readers. Well done. Whether the new storyline will appeal to me enough to read remains to be seen, but I will certainly try it.


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