And Then I Read: HAL JORDAN & THE GL CORPS #13

Image © DC Comics.

What a charming and fun issue this is! Writer Robert Venditti has tapped into the superhero as myth by telling the events of the previous few issues as a bedtime story to two young children forty years in the future, as seen through the eyes of a Xudarian grandmother, then a young girl herself. Through her telling, we see the attack by Starro the Conqueror on Xudar, then the arrival of the Green Lantern Corps to help and protect. Later the Xudarian city as well as the GLs are held prisoner by Brainiac and Larfleeze. There are also some wonderful two-page spreads of heroes and villains in action suggesting the long battle between good and evil among the stars, but it comes back to the grandmother and her grandchildren, their feelings, hopes and dreams, and the surprising true identity of the Xudarian storyteller. This is mining from the rich vein that Kurt Busiek often digs from in ASTRO CITY, and a welcome respite from the usual melodrama and constant fighting in this and many other superhero titles. I loved it. The art by penciller V Ken Marion and inkers Paul Neary and Dexter Vines is great as well. A winner all around.

Highly recommended.

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