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One of the challenges in this series, now that four of the previous Earth GLs are all in it, as well as lots of other characters, is to give everyone a chance to take the stage and do what they do. Writer Robert Venditti is handling this juggling act quite well, I think.

While a meeting and debate takes place about the Yellow and Green Lanterns (those who remain) joining forces and working together, headed by John Stewart and Soranik of the Yellows, Guy Gardner has been sent out to gather intelligence on missing members of these Corps, and he does so with style. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner are heading out on a mission under orders from the two remaining Guardians, to search for Saint Walker, the leader of the Indigo Lanterns. Apparently he’s on a world full of dragons and other monsters. As this new story arc begins, there are clues that Saint Walker may be the focus rather than a mere side story. Fine art by Rafa Sandoval and Jordi Tarragona. Now, if only Mogo were to chime in, things would be even better…


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