And Then I Read: HAL JORDAN & THE GL CORPS #22

Image © DC Entertainment.

This book begins a new story in a new place: the planet Vault, touted as the largest bank in the cosmos. Bolphunga, leader of the Cepheid Raiders, has found a way in and his men are looting the place. Back on Mogo, the partnership of Green Lanterns and Yellow Lanterns gets its first test, as teams head to Vault to deal with the attack. Hal Jordan leads the Greens, Sorak leads the Yellows. Some interesting side stories develop in what seems like a fun space-opera plot by Robert Venditti. The art by Ethan Van Sciver is nearly as photo-realistic and detailed as that of Brian Bolland, and he also entertains me with a host of cool alien creatures in the backround of many pages and this cover. Fun reading.


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