And Then I Read: HAL JORDAN & THE GL CORPS #44

Image © DC Entertainment. Written by Robert Venditti, art by Brandon Peterson, colors by Ivan Plascencia, letters by Dave Sharpe.

It’s Green Lanterns Vs. Darkstars, led by Hal’s former friend Tomar-Tu. He first takes revenge on the killer of his father, then heads off to cause more trouble, no doubt. On Earth, Hal is sharing his troubles with Barry Allen. Meanwhile, Guy Gardner is off meeting with the ever dangerous Arkillo,  Kyle Rayner has called for a Space Taxi, now powered up as never before, and John Stewart is in the House of Zod. I’m not a big fan of these epic battle stories, but I do like the scope and variety of players that writer Venditti is assembling. I will see how things go, but this issue is recommended.

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