And Then I Read: HASHTAG: DANGER #2

Image © Ahoy Comics.

This comic is a funny take on superhero/science fiction teams along the lines of Doom Patrol. I guess it’s part of the humor that the cover has nothing to do with the contents. The main story by writer Tom Peyer and artist/letterer/colorist Chris Giarrusso has the three-member team trying to get some publicity for the baby Yeti they’ve captured, to the yawns of reporters. Meanwhile, the giant alien egg they found in the sewers is about to hatch and wreak havoc on their town of Cityburg. After that, it gets weirder in a funny way.

The backup Snelson story by writer Paul Constant and artist Fred Harper is weirdly funny in a different way, kind of Seinfeld in flavor, with more realistic art.

Of the text stories, I liked the one by Carol Lay the best.

Not a bad read, I can’t say I love it, but entertaining. Recommended.

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