And Then I Read: HASHTAG: DANGER #3

Image © Ahoy Comics. Lead story written by Tom Peyer, everything else by Chris Giarrusso. Backup written by Paul Constant, art by Fred Harper, Colors by Lee Loughridge, letters by Rob Steen. Cover by Richard Williams.

At first glance this comic’s title lead seems to be in the style of a kid’s cartoon or animation. One of the things that makes it funny is the way that look plays against the sophisticated sarcasm, humor and adult language. The three lead characters fit the stereotypes of leader (Desiree Danger), brainy science guy (Einstein Armstrong) and muscle (Susan Rae Huang), but each character combines those elements with equally dissonant flaws. Desiree is desperate for a newsworthy villain to tackle, but none are around, so they head off to the moon to look for “The Ape in the Iron Mask,” as described by Einstein. The journey and what they find there are equally amusing.

The backup featuring stand-up comic Snelson is completely different, sort of a Vertigo take on Seinfeld perhaps, but also entertaining. Of the text features, the one by Carol Lay is the best.


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