And Then I Read: HASHTAG: DANGER #4

Main story by Tom Peyer & Chris Giarrusso. Backup by Paul Constant & Fred Harper with colors by Lee Loughridge and letters by Rob Steen. Cover by Richard Williams.

Once again the cover of this comic has nothing to do with the contents, but ain’t it a beauty!

As a parody of super-hero teams, the three members of Hashtag: Danger are amusing. Even their bickering is entertaining. When they run into a trio of impostors who look just like them, things get complicated, particularly when the impostors turn out to be better at the team thing than they are. Also better at the time-travel thing. Fun story.

The Snelson backup is a strange one, more an anecdote than a story, though it advances the title character in his inability to do the stand-up comedy he thinks he’s great at. I wouldn’t pay him either!


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