And Then I Read: HASHTAG: DANGER #5

Image © Ahoy Comics. Main story written by Tom Peyer, art by Chris Ciarrusso.
Backup written by Paul Constant, art by Fred Harper.

Of all the Ahoy comics, I think this is the funniest, and it’s funny in a way that appeals to the comics fan in me. First, once again, the cover has nothing to do with the contents, but is quite good. Next, the story is broken into chapters like the early Fantastic Four issues, with equally over-the-top titles. Third, the comic is chock full of action and slapstick and sound effects, but the best moments come from the main characters’ bickering. The Snelson backup is a different kind of funny, very modern and sarcastic, but equally entertaining, as we see the struggling comic trying to survive with a lame livestreamed chat room for his fans.


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