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This is the latest in a series of collected work self-published by Rick that was originally done for others. Two-thirds of this trade paperback is the 48-page story “Heartburst” that  was originally a Marvel Comics graphic novel. The reproduction is much improved here, and the story is still entertaining. It’s a science-fiction tale, but as with most of Rick’s work, it’s really about people, their fears and foibles, romances and friendships, hatreds and cruelties. The science here is pretty light, though there is some good social satire. The story is quite moving and engaging, though pretty melodramatic as well, as it moves right along, never a dull moment.

The other stories included are mostly short ones, some mere incidents, some well-done vignettes. The last entry is the original graphic adaptation of “The Mirror of Love”, Alan Moore’s poem/history about gay culture from ancient times to the present, with art by Veitch and Steve Bissette. Not a bad version, but the recent book version with many photographs by José Villarrubia is a more effective one, I think. Still, interesting to see this first take.

Rick’s work is always an eyeful, recommended!

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