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Somehow I missed this Hellboy story when it came out in 2001-2, and have read it for the first time now. It’s pure Mignola madness from start to finish. Not just Nazis, but a genius Nazi scientist rocketing off into space in 1939, and returning now. Plus Nazi ghosts and Nazi spies. Then there’s the good guys: in addition to Hellboy, Roger the homunculus and the mysterious Lobster Johnson, gone since the original space launch. And we can’t overlook title creature, an alien Lovecraftian worm that wants to turn everything it meets into wormy minions, and the villainous flying head and his robot body, too!

It’s a delight from start to finish, both the art and story are wonderfully weird and yet full of great humanity as well. Hellboy is his usual stoic self, taking his punishment and dealing out worse. Highly recommended!

2 thoughts on “And Then I Read: HELLBOY: CONQUEROR WORM

  1. Pat Brosseau

    Thanks, Nate! It’s not that DC won’t let me use my own font on staff, I really don’t want them to use my font while I’m on staff…if that makes any sense.

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