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When I first opened this thin hardcover book (not in the numerical sequence of the trade paperbacks), I thought it was a story I’d already read in HELLBOY: BRIDE OF HELL, reviewed yesterday. Written by Mignola, the art is by Richard Corben, and it features Hellboy in Mexico in 1956, involved with vampires, monsters and Mexican wrestlers, just like one of the stories in that other collection. Then I realized it’s something else: a new story covering some of the time Hellboy mentions he was on a long bout of drunkenness and didn’t remember much of what happened.

What happens is quite interesting, and ultimately tragic, as you might expect, but with plenty of great Hellboy action and choice comments along the way. And as Mignola mentions in his opening comment, it’s a sort of tribute to the Universal monster movies featuring Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolf-Man, etc. If they were in Mexico. Somehow, Corben makes it all work quite well.

Here’s an example. I’m not a fan of wrestling, or fighting in general, but I have to admit this was pretty good. I’m not sure why this particular story was chosen as an original hardcover, but I’m glad I got it.


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