And Then I Read: HEX WIVES #2

Image © Ben Blacker and DC Comics. Written by Ben Blacker, art by Mirka Andolfo, colors by Marissa Louise, letters by Josh Reed, cover by Emanuela Lupacchino.

Like issue 1, issue 2 is set-up, but more interesting set-up. Isadora, our viewpoint character, seems to be living a pleasant life in a southwestern U.S. suburb with like-minded housewives and friends all around her. Her husband Aaron seems to dote on her, but he has his quirks: rejecting the lunch she made for him, as an example. Isadora seems very much in love with Aaron, and makes excuses for his shortcomings and his treatment of her as less important and less intelligent than himself. There’s one thing bothering Isa…a scratching sound coming from the walls. Aaron tells her not to worry about it, but she does…until she finds the source.

As we know from issue 1, Isa and her friends are witches, but in this setting have been made to forget their powers by their husbands, who are working together in that effort. I liked the uneasy suburban dream of this issue with its undertones of menace, and the revelation at the end is bound to open up some memories. Recommended.

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