And Then I Read: HEX WIVES #4

Image © Ben Blacker and DC Comics. Written by Ben Blacker, art by Mirka Andolfo,
colors by Marissa Louise, letters by Josh Reed, cover by Paulina Ganucheau

The housewives in this story (who are actually witches but don’t know it) are heading toward an awakening, which is triggered by fresh blood. Becky is the first to discover this, though she and her friends haven’t quite been able to believe in the power it unleashed, or the method, at least so far. They’re working on it. The cabal of husbands in their underground bunker think they have the women completely under control, using tactics from gaslighting to drugs to distraction, but it can’t last. When the genie is out of the the bottle, so to speak, there will be big trouble for the men. That makes this story worth following, and I’m enjoying the slow build-up. I particularly like the colors by Marissa Louise in this issue, but the writing, art and lettering are good as well.


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