And Then I Read: HEX WIVES #5

Image © Ben Blacker and DC Comics. Written by Ben Blacker, art by Mirka Andolfo,
colors by Marissa Louise, letters by Josh Reed, cover by Tula Lotay.

The plotting on this book is one where you can see things gradually going out of control despite the best efforts of the controllers, and the fun is in exactly how and when it will all blow up. We’re getting very close! The wives who have been carefully controlled by their husbands in this make-believe neighborhood are learning that spilling blood, their own or anyone’s will release strong magic powers in them, as well as anger. The husbands, who set up this situation and try to control things from a secret underground bunker, led by Aaron, are struggling to keep the women ignorant and separated, but are failing. Their boss has arrived from somewhere else, and Aaron has tasked his wife Iz with putting on a big dinner party for everyone, to show the boss, August, that they have the situation in hand. Instead, gathering everyone together in one house is only making things worse as the women exchange information. It’s been a great build up, and I expect the explosion will happen next issue.


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