And Then I Read: HIGH HEAVEN #1

Image © Ahoy Comics. Main story written by Tom Peyer, art by Greg Scott, colors by Andy Troy, letters by Rob Steen. Backup written by Tom Peyer, art by Chris Giarrusso. Additional material by Shannon Wheeler, Grant Morrison and Rick Geary.

Disclaimer: I am designing cover logos for this company, so I wish them well. Otherwise, I’m just reading along with the rest of you.

David Weathers presents himself as a man who is dissatisfied with his life in almost every way. The cute co-worker he’s out to lunch with brings his latest embarrassment and humiliation, but he does have one thing to boast about. His life ends spectacularly. Soon after, David finds himself entering Heaven, but as should come as no surprise, that too is full of disappointments. Can Heaven really be as mundane, sterile, dirty and sometimes threatening as life on Earth? There are some perks: a halo card allowing access to a free room with a TV, and all the junk food you might want, but there are definitely some downsides. And lots of feathers.

The backup, “Hashtag: Danger” is lighter, cartoonier, and a mix of kids cartoons and teen sarcasm. Both are funny and entertaining, though not so much in a laugh-out-loud way, more wry amusement. The backup text feature by Grant Morrison with illustrations by Rick Geary guides us through a World’s Fair like no other. Is this why we don’t have them any more?


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