And Then I Read: HIGH HEAVEN #2

Image © Ahoy Comics. Written by Tom Peyer, lead story art by Greg Scott, backup art by Chris Giarrusso, colors by Andy Troy, letters by Rob Steen. Additional material by Kek-W, Rick Geary and others.

In “Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven” by Mark Twain, the title character arrives at the wrong part of Heaven, far from where he should be, and finds things very different from what he expected. He’s asked, “Do you think everyone would be happy with the same Heaven?” David Weathers, the protagonist of this book, is not only unhappy with the Heaven he’s been sent to, he hates it and won’t stop complaining about it, to the disgust of everyone else there. That creature on the cover above is an Archangel who takes David on a aerial tour of this Heaven, and reveals a MUCH nicer area nearby that’s very much what David would prefer, but apparently can’t have. He also cruises him by Hell for comparison. Even that looks better to David. He’s thrown one bone, we’ll see if he’s able to use it to his advantage. Meanwhile, I’m having a good time reading this often funny and ironic after-death story.


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