And Then I Read: HIGH HEAVEN #4

Image © Ahoy Comics. Main story written by Tom Peyer, art by Greg Scott, colors by Andy Troy, letters by Rob Steen, backup by Peyer and Chris Giarrusso, additional material by Carol Lay and others, as listed above.

This time we get some insight into the mediocre Heaven where David Weathers has been placed, and it revolves around the mysterious L-Meat, some of which is pictured on the cover. L-Meat is more of a metaphor, though, for all the mediocrities of life and after-life. David is able to listen in on the creation of his heaven and L-Meat by those in charge, and it only sours him further on his post-life experience, but with this new information, perhaps he can escape his fate and go somewhere else. Or, perhaps not. He certainly isn’t through trying!

In the “Hashtag: Danger: backup, the cute alien sidekick Glorp turns out to be a lot more powerful than anyone knew, making him a lot more valuable than anyone expected. The team has mixed reactions to that.

Among the backup text stories, “Transformation” by Carol Lay stands out for me as the strongest entry.


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