And Then I Read (in 1963): PETER GRAVES


Again, the art on the cover was probably my favorite part of this report, adapted as best I could at age 12 from the excellent art by writer/artist DuBois. Here’s the report:


Going into more detail this time, but notice I padded with a long quote! Another book I still love, and one that remains in my library. Du Bois is largely remembered for his Newberry winner, “The 21 Balloons,” but “Peter Graves,” and another book with science fictional elements, “The Giant,” are equally fine. Both this and the previous report received the mark VG for Very Good, the equivalent at our school of a B letter grade. I suspect I did them for extra credit, for a favorite English teacher, Mrs. Thompson, but those details are now hazy.

2 thoughts on “And Then I Read (in 1963): PETER GRAVES

  1. Glen Engel-Cox

    I loved “The 21 Balloons” and didn’t realize the author had other books to his name. Thanks for bringing this into light. Will have to search this one down.

  2. Sand Soon

    It’s strange that your English teacher let you get away with spelling errors even if this was just for extra credit. Especially, since you had already misspelled “criticism” twice.

    However, I can already see your future in lettering from the two examples. I also am impressed with your wonderful penmanship at 12. I remember my penmanship at that age and I will admit that it was hard staying on the line.

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