And Then I Read: IRREDEEMABLE 1-6


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Mark Waid has taken a fairly simple idea: what would happen if a superhero with great power, on the level of Superman, who had always been in the forefront of the good guys, suddenly went rogue, turned evil, and used his powers to destroy all that he’d protected before, including his closest friends, the other super-heroes and heroines of his world. Like any good “what if,” the success of such an idea is in the execution, and Waid does not flinch from carrying the idea through in every repellent and horrific way. It’s a fine piece of writing, abetted by excellent art by Peter Krause. At times comparisons to Alan Moore’s MIRACLEMAN are apparent, both in the writing and the art, but not in an imitative way, more in an unconscious nod, as if it say Waid and Krause are aware of the precedent, but not trying to copy it. In fact, the story goes its own unique way, driven, as all good stories should be, by the characters and the concept. It’s chilling yet exhilarating stuff, and I found myself wondering at many points how those who are trying to oppose the hero gone bad could possibly have a hope. And wanting to turn the page and find out.

Highly recommended!

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