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Volume 2 of this new superhero series from BOOM! continues the story of the world’s mightiest hero turned to the world’s most powerful and destructive menace, and how he got that way. Despite good doses of action, battles and tense thrills, this series is about character, and that’s what I like best about it. Mark Waid has taken his cue from Alan Moore’s MIRACLEMAN perhaps, but his characters have their own unique stories full of difficult decisions and heartbreaking, human missteps. Here we learn more about the series of events that turned The Plutonian to rage and fury, and each step along that path makes grim sense. The other surviving heroes on his world fight a desperate and perhaps hopeless battle to bring down Plutonian, taking them to that former hero’s own headquarters in the heart of a volcano, and brings other important revelations for each of them.

The art by Peter Krause is accomplished and effective without being flashy, a good thing on this title. His characters “act” well, and his storytelling is solid. Well done. Everything about this series works, and it’s well worth your time if you like good heroic comics. Highly recommended!

2 thoughts on “And Then I Read: IRREDEEMABLE VOL. 2

  1. Patrick Rennie

    The related series Incorruptible is also a lot of fun. The hero going so far into evil pushes a bad guy to go straight. Can’t wait to see where both titles go.

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