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After some brief flashback stories, one with memorable art by Howard Chaykin, Mark Waid continues his saga of The Plutonian, a godlike superhero turned destructive menace, and his former friends and enemies in an uneasy alliance, desperately trying to bring him down. This time, as they actually confront Plutonian in a combined effort, more personal agendas come to light that lead to betrayals and dissension. Clearly the stress of the situation is bringing out the worst in everyone.

The artist on the main storyline is Diego Barreto, son of artist Eduardo Barreto, and his style is clearly similar to his father’s. Both artists have a fine command of anatomy, storytelling and technique, making their work a pleasure to see, and helping the stories immensely.

Despite the somewhat depressing inability of anyone to stop The Plutonian in this series, I find it compelling reading, and recommended!

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