And Then I Read: IRREDEEMABLE Vol. 6

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As this series lengthens I’ve been wondering where writer Mark Waid would take it. The premise, if you’re not familiar, is that The Plutonian, an immensely powerful superhero in the style of Superman, has turned from a heroic life to one of evil destruction. He’s finally been subdued at great cost, but what to do with him?

Much as England did with their criminals, he’s exported. In this case to an alien world where he becomes a miner in the equivalent of a highly-toxic uranium mine. Plutonian is lost inside his own head, his own fantasy world, not even aware of what’s happening to him, but even so the aliens are not able to control his powerful body, and in fear themselves, export him again to a sort of insane asylum at the heart of a sun. Talk about hard time!

Meanwhile, back on Earth, a new superhero leader has sprung up and is trying to control and organize all the remaining powered folks, both heroes and villains, but proving to be less than up to that monumental task. On a world greatly damaged by past battles, it’s a new struggle for power taking place subtlely behind the scenes.

The art by Peter Krause on some pages, Diego Barreto on others, is quite well done, with effective character acting, skillful drawing, and fine storytelling.


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