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Mark Waid’s superhero turned nastiest of super-villains is in a mental asylum for such beings. It’s a pretty secure one, being on the surface of a sun. Or so you would think. As the Plutonian begins to meet the other inmates and find out more about his situation, alliances are formed, as are plans. It seems those in charge of this mad maelstrom are deep inside the sun, as is the only way out. And that’s where the small group must go. Will The Plutonian find a way? What do you think?

Back on Earth, things are not going well for Paradigm, who’s trying to keep all the remaining super-types in line. Considering some of them were once super-villains, he’s really got his hands full. It all comes to a rousing revelation at the end which is not too hard to guess, but the journey makes good reading.

The art, which seems to be about an even split between Peter Krause and Diego Barreto is excellent, and I didn’t notice any changes in style while reading, so they mesh well. This book continues to be consistently good to read and to look at.


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