And Then I Read: IRREDEEMABLE Volume 10


Image © Boom Entertainment, Inc. and Mark Waid.

It’s been a long race, but writer Mark Waid brings it home in winning style in this final collection of his series, which also features fine art by Diego Barreto and Damian Couceiro. IRREDEEMABLE has seen many ups and downs in the struggle against The Plutonian, a powerful superhero turned villain. The struggle has caused massive damage to his Earth as well as its other heroes and villains, both physical and psychological. They’re still fighting him, but Plutonian has proved impossible to defeat or even stifle for long, even by his greatest friends and enemies alike, united against him. After such a long build-up, the finale had to be clever and satisfying, and Waid has delivered just that, with a capper of an epilogue that’s completely perfect in every way. If you haven’t been following this series, start at the beginning, not here, but let me just say, Bravo, Mark!

Highly recommended.


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