And Then I Read: IRREDEEMABLE Volume 5

Images © Boom Entertainment, Inc.

The subject of this series, The Plutonian, once a mighty superhero, now a hated and deadly villain, is largely off-camera or in flashbacks in this volume, as writer Mark Waid continues to fill in the details of the supporting cast and how they relate to Plutonian and each other. New details about what might have caused the hero to snap are also here. As the picture gains detail and depth, the consequences of earlier events continue to resonate and build. It’s a great direction for this saga, and Mark handles it all deftly, keeping the characters and their motivations realistic, revealing the pain beneath the masks; a good contrast to the more fantastic elements of the tale.

Artist Peter Krause does an equally good job with that balance of super-heroics and realism in the art. In fact, I think he’s improving with time. Everything about this series is working for me, though I’m not a big fan of villain stories usually. This isn’t exactly a villain story, but it’s certainly full of dark elements.


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