And Then I Read: JACKED #1


I know I’m getting old when this cover image intrigues me more than most of the superhero comics coming out these days…and the situation the main character, Josh, finds himself in: middle-aged, over-weight, health problems, out of work, disappointed with life and himself…is one that many young readers might approach as fantasy, while older ones will relate all too well.

To the rescue is Josh’s brother with news about nootropic drugs: as the comics puts it, steroids for the brain. A way to get a mental boost that can bring back many of the things Josh has lost. And, they’re available online. The temptation is irresistible, and a prescription bottle of “Jacked” is soon in his mailbox. When Josh tries it, he has some LSD-like side effects, but also finds himself feeling great, and able to do something that even his own son finds heroic. What’s not to like? Well, it is a drug, after all, and there’s bound to be some downsides.

I loved the art on this by John Higgins, which I see much too little of, and the story by  Eric Kripke is well told. Looking forward to more. Recommended.

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