And Then I Read: JACKED 2

Jacked2Image © Eric Kripke and Glenn Fabry

Josh’s life has been revitalized by a nootropic drug he ordered online. “Jacked” is the brand name, and it seems to have given him youthful vigor, enhanced perception, and even surprising strength. We know there’s going to be a price to pay for all this, Josh does too, but he’s feeling so good, he can’t stay away from the pills. His family are giving him new respect, and he’s doing things for them he thought were no longer possible.

“Jacked” has not necessarily made Josh wiser, though. He has a thuggish neighbor with an annoying dog (see the cover), and while common sense would say stay away, Josh gets involved when the neighbor is beating his own wife. The repercussions of the encounter are already looking pretty dangerous for Josh.

I love the art, the writing is fine, and this book has been a nice surprise for me: not something I would probably have tried if it weren’t for the people involved, not really my kind of story, but I’m enjoying it a lot.


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