And Then I Read: JACKED #4

Jacked4Josh is a middle-aged man in a world of trouble. He thought the mail-order drug, Jacked, would solve his middle-aged health problems, and it did much more than that for a while, but the super-powers it gave him only led to new and more drastic problems. Now he has a drug kingpin and his mob after him, is on the run with that man’s wife, and his own family is in danger too. Plus, he’s nearly out of the pills, and the man who made them is in jail.

A story like this is bound to take a turn toward the abyss, and this issue’s title, “Rock Bottom,” is a clue it’s happening now. The first three issues were fun, but now it’s time to start paying for that fun, and things will probably only get worse in the last two issues of the mini-series. The writing by Eric Kripke and the art by John Higgins are fine, but the story is becoming a downer. I’ll stick around for the rest, though. Fair is fair. Consequences and all that.


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