And Then I Read: JACKED #6


Writer Eric Kripke and artist John Higgins (Glenn Fabry on covers) wrap up their cautionary tale with this issue. It’s been a story of the perils of drug use–in this case the mail order pills called “Jacked”–which in this story not only create a feeling of euphoria, but actual super-powers as well. Of course, Jacked is addictive, and when the protagonist, middle-aged family man Josh runs out of it, he finds himself in even more trouble than he was when taking the pills. His wife and kids are being held hostage in their home by a drug lord, Ray, who wants MORE of the pills himself. The creator of the drug is with Josh, but has no clue how to recreate the prescription. Jessica, Ray’s ex-girlfriend is also with Josh, and wants nothing more than to shoot Ray. Josh himself is in bad shape: wounded in the arm and suffering withdrawal symptoms and drug hallucinations. Is there any way he can possibly save his family at the very least?

Well done, nice conclusion, though very violent. Recommended.

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