And Then I Read: JIMMY OLSEN #2

Image © DC Comics. Written by Matt Fraction, art by Steve Lieber,
colors by Nathan Fairbairn, letters by Clayton Cowles.

Comics have changed a lot since my childhood. When reading a Jimmy Olsen comic back then, the story was completely linear and followed its own inner logic from start to finish, even if that logic was strange at times. This new JIMMY OLSEN is more like a series of vignettes, snapshots and fragments of stories. Just as much fun, and perhaps freer. We see Jimmy with Superman clowning around. When was the last time you saw a light-hearted and goofy Superman? We get snapshots of Jim’s many odd adventures. And we see the current situation of the reporter: in Gotham City, where things are not going well. Elsewhere, Lex Luthor and another Olsen discuss the city mascot destroyed in the first issue, Lois Lane is on a case, and we have another brief glimpse of Jimmy and Lex’s ancestors.

I don’t get all of it, but I like it. Recommended.

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