And Then I Read: JIMMY OLSEN #3

Image © DC Comics. Written by Matt Fraction, art by Steve Lieber,
colors by Nathan Fairbairn, letters by Clayton Cowles.

The story being told here is chopped into short vignettes of two to six pages. It covers a lot of ground, from ancestors of Jimmy Olsen and Lex Luthor in the frontier town that would become Metropolis, to Luthor and Lois Lane in the present, to friends of Jimmy facing death and more. Each vignette starts with an overblown caption in the style of the old comics, but laced with absurdity and humor. The vignettes themselves tend to be more serious, especially for Jimmy himself, though there is certainly a funny side to them. Metamorpho and Jimmy bringing the above seen Decoy Corpse into Jim’s apartment, for instance, and what happens immediately after. There are elements of farce and parody, but Jimmy takes it all quite seriously, as he must to make it funny. I don’t always get the jokes, I suspect, but I’m enjoying the ride all the same.


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