And Then I Read: JIMMY OLSEN #5

Image © DC Comics. Written by Matt Fraction, art by Steve Lieber,
colors by Nathan Fairbairn, letters by Clayton Cowles

This is the Saturday Night Live of comics, back when it was funny. Not content to wreak havoc in Metropolis, Jimmy is now extending his chaos to Batman’s Gotham City. Batman is not amused with Olsen live blog events like “How Many Jokers Can We Fit Inside This Frozen Yogurt Shop Before Batman Notices?” Continuing as a series of vignettes, several in the issue also focus on Bruce Wayne/Batman with amusing clarity. The Bat’s attempts at humor are priceless. Back in Metropolis, Jimmy’s scheme for avoiding trouble by staging his own funeral blow up…literally. And in olden day Metropolis, star-crossed lovers from the Olsen and Luthor feuding families attempt to get married. In Gotham, we also meet Jimmy’s goth sister Janey for more laughs.

I am really having a good time reading this series. Recommended.

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