And Then I Read: JIMMY OLSEN #6

Image © DC Comics. Written by Matt Fraction, art by Steve Lieber,
colors by Nathan Fairbairn, letters by Clayton Cowles.

Despite the cover, Batman is not in a lot of this issue as it continues various storylines in and out of any discernible timeline. I don’t mind that, each of the storylines is funny and interesting, and the bemused intro captions on each one help me remember where and who I’m reading about. Those captions are fun, if a bit repetitive. Even a storyline from another book that involved Jimmy is here, and it fits right in. If there is any overall plot, it involves who is trying to kill Jimmy, and that gets coverage here, if not answers. The situations and abuse that Jimmy is taking in this series reminds me a bit of Jim Rockford in “The Rockford Files,” if you remember that one, except I think that Jim was a bit smarter than this one. Whenever I think I know what to expect from this book, it moves in a different direction, which is good and entertaining. The art, coloring and lettering are all as good as the quirky writing, too.


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