Image © Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon.

This is a fun new look at classic monsters from literature and film. Joe Pratt is an adopted American boy out delivering pizzas when he’s confronted by Frankenstein’s creature, who tells the frightened boy they’re actually related—sort of. It seems Joe is the last of the Frankenstein line (unknown to him), and he and the monster share a very unusual blood factor that can grant long life. That puts Joe in danger from those who want that blood, including vampires working for a long-time enemy of the family. The creature, as in the book rather than the movies, is smart and well-spoken, and has friends and resources that can help both of them if they stick together. After his first encounter with vampires, Joe is all for it. Things get complicated by more minions of the mysterious enemy who kidnap Joe’s adoptive family, and eventually capture the boy himself. Will the creature and his allies be able to save them?

I enjoyed reading this. I have a particular connection to the project, too. Artist/co-writer Graham Nolan had asked me to design a logo for it, but I didn’t have time. Instead I suggested he ask lettering legend Gaspar Saladino, who did the logo seen here. Too bad that’s not mentioned anywhere in the printed hardcover, if I had Gaspar’s work on something I did, I’d sure want people to know! I wrote about this on my blog HERE.


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