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The biggest shock I received from this book was the size of it. Yes, the word “Treasury” is in the title, but I wasn’t expecting it to be nearly as big as the old DC Comics Treasury Editions! It measures 8.5 by 13 inches, so not really tabloid size, but pretty big. Inside there are some quite good stories and art if you’re a horror comics fan, and I sometimes am, if they’re well written.

“Kodiak” is a charming mediaeval tale told by a man with a facial scar to two boys who have shown unabashed curiosity about it. There’s a bear, a beautiful princess, a nasty prince, and a clever juggler. Art by Nat Jones.

“Freddy Wertham Goes to Hell” is postmodern surrealism riffing on the unjustices done to comics creators, but in an entertaining and over-the-top way. Amazingly great art by the late great Seth Fisher and Langdon Foss.

“The Cape”, which is adapted from a Joe Hill short story by Jason Ciaramella is about a boy who finds out the home-made superhero cape he’s playing around in really does allow him to fly…or does it? Good story, but I didn’t care for the ending. Art by Zach Howard.

Finally we have a Locke & Key story, “Open The Moon,” with art by Gabriel Rodriguez that is essentially Little Nemo meets Locke & Key. Charming, joyful, chilling and ultimately heartbreaking. By far the best thing in the book, and worth the price alone.


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