And Then I Read: JOE KUBERT’S TOR 5-6


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The first place I remember noticing Joe Kubert’s work was on DC’s HAWKMAN in the 1960s, like this one:


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He’d already been around for quite a while by then, working professionally in comics since the early 1940s, then as a teenager.  Of course, he’s best known for his DC war comics, especially SGT. ROCK. I was never a fan of those, though I came to appreciate Joe’s work on them when I was on staff at DC. I really came to know Joe’s style best during his tenure at DC working on TARZAN and other characters licensed from the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs. His loose, naturalistic linework brought those worlds to life for me in a way more realistic approaches never did. Dark Horse has collected many of those stories in a series of hardcovers, I’ll link to the first one below.

I never saw Joe’s first run of TOR comics in the 1950s, but DC Comics has reproduced them, along with later ones, in a series of oversized hardcovers that are fun to read, I’ll link to the first of them below, too. This new TOR story wraps up in issues 5 and 6 in a very satisfying way, and with Joe’s art looking as terrific as ever. One might wonder what sort of artistic deal with the devil he’s made to keep his style so fresh, but I imagine he’d just laugh at that idea and say it’s all in a lifetime of experience and hard work.

Cavemen and dinosaurs. Action and adventure. Animals and people in prehistoric times, just trying to survive. Joe’s been mining that vein for over 50 years, and it’s still got some choice nuggets. This series proves that. Highly recommended.

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